7.0 Release Notes

What's new in version 7.0 β†’ Changelog, bug fixes & new feature updates

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Sprint Start Callout V7.0

  • Sprint Notion Page

  • The number one priority for this Sprint is Disclaimer Popup

  • This Sprint aimed to deliver 75 tickets with 188 points

  • Sales (New Features)

    • Ordering capabilities for Graphs and Cards

    • Disclaimer Popup for Orgs

We have 6 tickets directed to Ordering Capabilities

  • CS (Pipelines and other Client Bugs)

    • View All page for Graphs

    • User tracking in Users table

    • Edit Categories Names

We have 13 tickets fixing bugs related to customer experience

  • Tech

    • Deployment Upgrades

    • Componentization

We have 10 tickets directed to the Architecture

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