8.0 Release Notes

What's new in release version 8.0 → New name and logo • Updated UI • Architecture upgrades • And more...

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Major Updates in 8.0

🎉 We've got a whole new name & look!

We're excited to reveal that Proof of Impact is now simply Proof. You can read more about our rebrand and the reasons behind our updated name on our blog.

👩‍💻 New name, new web address

To go along with our new name, we now have a new home on the web! You can now find us online at proof.io. But - don't worry - if you happen to forget our new web address, anytime you enter proofofimpact.com, you should be redirected to our new website.

✨ Updated UI (User Interface)

We will be rolling out a new user interface to better fit our growing features and new look, but to begin with, we want to bring users' attention to the following changes that came out in 8.0:

  • Redesigned header & footer

  • New logo & update name throughout

  • New email addresses and links to reflect new web address

  • Updated email notification design

Bug Fixes

With this release, we've addressed the following issues:

  • UI Modal fixes

  • Header Nav fixes

  • Session timeout fixes

  • Assessment Page scroller fixes

  • Password Reset fixes

Technical Architecture Upgrades

With this release, we've made the following upgrades to our technical foundations:

  • CSS Refactoring

  • Kubernetes authentication setup for QA Environment

  • DNS Renaming

  • Company name find and replace

  • Automated Testing Framework

  • Microservice organization

  • Database Migrations

Thanks for following our progress as we continue to improve our experience and features for our users and their stakeholders.

Check back soon for notes for our next release.

— Proof Team

Excited about this update? Need to report an issue? Have a feature request you'd like to submit? Want help with a new feature?

Let us know by providing input at any time! Send us a message directly through the chatbox in the bottom righthand corner of every page within our platform. Prefer email? Send us a message at support@proof.io. 📨

What's new in 8.0?

↳ 👋 Proof has a new name & logo
↳ ☸️ Our platform has updated navigation menus
↳ ➕ New email notifications
↳ 🪲 18 bugs squashed
↳ 🛠 Ongoing performance upgrades
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