7.1 Release Notes

What's new in version 7.1 β†’ Changelog, bug fixes & new feature updates

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Sprint Callout V7.1

  • Sprint Notion Page

  • The number one priority for this sprint is UI Refactoring

  • This Sprint aims to deliver 82 tickets with 212 points

  • New Features:

    • Users have the ability to tag "placeholder cards" with Principles

    • Edit Category Names

    • Remove Product White Labeling

  • Updates & Bug Fixes:

    • Metrics - Stop impact cards generation on Units

    • New password requirements during Log-In / Sign-up

    • Plotly usability improvements

    • After logging out, a concise success message

  • Tech (Upgrades, Direction forwards)

    • UI Refactoring

    • Load balancer implementation Part 2

    • 2 QA Environments

    • Code Cleanup

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