8.1 Release Notes

What's new in release version 8.1 → 50+ Bug fixes & underlying architecture upgrades...

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Major Updates in 8.1

🪲 Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs — Fixed!

Following the recent announcement of our rebrand, we dedicated this entire release cycle to working towards building a better in-app experience for all Proof users. In 8.1, our team exclusively addressed underlying issues (squashing over 50 bugs — some big, some small) and worked to implement foundational architecture upgrades on our platform.

Bug Fixes

With this release, we've addressed the following issues:

  • Sign In with Google issue resolved

  • Firefox browser navigation fixed

  • Redirection of broken links

  • Image alignment and resizing addressed

  • Save content reminders upon navigation away from page

  • And (many) more...

Technical Architecture Upgrades

With this release, we've made the following upgrades to our technical foundations:

  • Optimization of major feature groups

  • Optimization of automated testing

  • Kubernetes updates

  • And more...

Thanks for following our progress as we continue to improve our experience and features for our users and their stakeholders.

Check back soon for notes for our next release.

— Proof Team

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Let us know by providing input at any time! Send us a message directly through the chatbox in the bottom righthand corner of every page within our platform. Prefer email? Send us a message at support@proof.io. 📨

What's new in 8.1?

↳ 🪲 50+ bugs squashed
↳ 🛠 Ongoing performance upgrades
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