9.2 Release Notes

What's new in 9.2? Refreshed analytics interface & filters on the Dashboard • View data in table format • New metrics filters • And more...

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Major Updates in 9.2

📊 Updated analytics graphs interface & interactive controls

We've introduced a refreshed, consolidated experience for our analytics graphs on the Dashboard! Users can now view and navigate between both standard and advanced analytics graphs within the same interface.

We've also improved navigation, naming and added new filters & controls for interacting with data. New analytics updates and features include:

  • An improved category-graph filter structure

  • Easier-to-use, consolidated dropdown for selecting from your saved graphs

  • New icon to indicate which graphs have advanced visualization capabilities

  • Improved portfolio filter menu

  • Improved exporting functionality

  • Context explainers are now also available on advanced analytics graphs

🔢 Introducing tables

Users can now view data using an additional graph type within the advanced analytics visualization settings on the Dashboard: Tables! This provides a streamlined ability for users who have requested to see data in a spreadsheet/structured format directly within the advanced analytics interface for a more cohesive experience.

⚙️ Improved metrics filters

We've updated the available filters on the Metrics page to better organize and view metric cards. Users can now filter by Portfolio, Frameworks, Category, and Indicators.

Bug Fixes

With this release, we've also addressed the following issues:

  • Fixed authentication issues leading to unintentional logout

  • Addressed isolated instances in which graphs would not load properly for certain logged-in users during extended sessions

  • Added starring capability for saved analytics graphs menu

  • Made minor UI updates to label names for specific dropdowns, filters and buttons throughout for enhanced clarity

  • Addressed issue with raw data export [.csv format] not retaining user-provided filters

  • And more...

Technical Architecture Upgrades

With this release, we've made ongoing upgrades to our technical foundations including add'l automated testing, code refactoring, and foundational architecture improvements.

Thanks for following our progress as we continue to improve our experience and features for our users and their stakeholders.

Check back soon for notes for our next release.

— Proof Team

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What's new in 9.2?

↳ 📊 Refreshed analytics naming, filters & controls
↳ 🔢 New analytics graph type available — view as table
↳ ⚙️ Updated metrics card filters
↳ 🪲 19 bugs squashed
↳ 🛠 Ongoing performance upgrades
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