Complete an Assessment

How to Complete an Assessment

Written by Abigail Vacheron
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  1. On your dashboard homepage, click ‘Data Sources’ [outlined in red on image] in the top navigation bar.

    Screenshot of the Proof dashboard homepage, with the ‘Data Sources’ option outlined in red on the top center.

  2. On the new page that appears, you should see both your assessments and your existing data integrations. To start an assessment, click ‘begin’ [outlined in red on image].

    Note: Assessments that are due and not yet started will have a grey icon to the left. Assessments in progress will have a yellow icon, and assessments that are complete will have a red icon.

    Screenshot of the ‘Data Sources’ page of the Proof dashboard, with ‘begin’ outlined in red.

  3. After clicking ‘begin’, you should see a message indicating the due date of the assessment, typically correlated with the quarterly reporting periods. Click ‘Start’.

    Screenshot of the due date message.

  4. After clicking ‘Start’, you should be redirected to the assessment landing page. Read the associated instructions for the assessment you have selected. Then, click ‘Start Assessment’ [outlined in red on image].

    Screenshot of the assessment landing page, with ‘Start Assessment’ outlined in red on the bottom.

  5. As you work your way through the assessment, the table [outlined in red on image] on the left will track your progress. Click ‘Back’ [outlined in red on image] at any point to return to the previous page. Click ‘Continue’ [outlined in red on image] to progress forward.

    Screenshot of an assessment. The table of contents on the left, the ‘Back’ button on the bottom left, and the ‘Continue’ button on the bottom right are all outlined in red.

    Have you come across a section you’re not sure of the answer for? You can leave it blank and return to it later. Still not positive? Reach out to us at, and we can help.

  6. When you move onto a new section you should be prompted to click ‘Start Assessment’ each time. We recommend completing each section in one sitting; however, all of your answers in the assessment should automatically save as you go. You can leave the assessment at any time and return later to complete it.

    Use the table on the left [outlined in red on image] to navigate the assessment. Click the section that you would like to work on next, and then click ‘Start Assessment’ [outlined in red on image].

    Screenshot of an assessment, with the table on the left outlined in red.

  7. You can click ‘Assessment Summary’ [outlined in red on image] at any point to track your progress. The Assessment Summary section will flag any sections or questions you may have missed. You can also click ‘Review’, under each section, to see your answers and make any edits.

    Screenshot of the assessment summary page.

  8. When you have finished your assessment, it is important that you click ‘Complete’ [outlined in red on image] to indicate to the Proof team that your responses are ready for validation and to be added to your dashboard.

    Screenshot of the assessment summary page, with ‘Complete’ outlined in red.

Having trouble? Send us an email at, and we’ll be happy to help.

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