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How to view your portfolio companies, and their dashboards, in your Proof online dashboard.

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Note: There are two ways to view your portfolio: via the top navigation bar and via your dashboard homepage. Start from Step 1 to learn how to access your portfolio from the top navigation bar. Start from Step 5 to learn how to access your portfolio from your dashboard homepage.

Visit the Proof website at, and login to your account. Learn how to login to your account.

  1. The first way to access your Portfolio is to click ‘Portfolio’ [outlined in red on image] in the options bar at the top of the page.

    Screenshot of the dashboard homepage, with the ‘Portfolio’ option outlined in red.

  2. You should now see a full list of your portfolio companies.

    Screenshot of the Portfolio page.

  3. To view the individual dashboard of any of your portfolio companies, click the organization icon [outlined in red on image] in the Portfolio section.

    Screenshot of the portfolio page, with a red box surrounding a portfolio company.

  4. You should now be able to see the dashboard of the portfolio company you clicked on in the previous step.

    Screenshot of the dashboard of a portfolio company.

  5. The second way to access your Portfolio is via your dashboard homepage. Click the Proof icon [outlined in red on image] on the top left corner of the page to navigate to your dashboard homepage.

    Screenshot of the Portfolio page, with the Proof icon outlined in the top right corner.

  6. From your dashboard homepage, scroll down to the ‘Portfolio’ section. You should see a sample of your portfolio companies here; click ‘View All’ to see a full list, or click on any of the portfolio companies listed to view their dashboard.

    Screenshot of the Portfolio section on the dashboard homepage, with ‘View All’ outlined in red on the top right.

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